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To all the people who have given their time. money and services in order to get this off the ground: THANK YOU Humanity owes you a beer. 

We are one. 


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unity is an attitude 

Want to save the world without having to save the world? 


Practical ways to break through an inherited fear that keeps us feeling powerless and disconnected.

And save the world.





As domesticated animals we look to society for our base level instructions. But society is also an intellectual concept, full of difficult relationships and institutionalised expectations. And most of the time our understanding of society is based in a fear of losing it. Basically, we fall through the gaps of a concept. Which is crazy. 


So where does this UNITY thing fit in? 


It's been a hell of a millennium. Climate catastrophe, economic injustice and Social Media. Throw Brexit into the mix and it's no wonder we're feeling fearful, disconnected and powerless.

And there's been a lot of talking. And there's been a lot of posting stuff. Man, there's been a lot of posting stuff.  About a divided nation. About healing division. And yet here we all are, still sick and tired of feeling afraid. 

And good old unity gets lumped in with all this talking because it feels like the opposite of division. It's full of words like diversity and community hall. It also feels like hard work. But what if unity wasn't the opposite of division?


Unity has got itself jumbled up with fear-based concepts and solution driven thinking. Which is never gonna work because unity isn't solution driven and it isn't a concept.

Unity is simply valuing each other as human beings 

We've been taught to believe that we have no power, but power is always with the individual. If you ever doubt this then check out how much corporations spend on advertising. 

Be Brave. Be Free. 




To PROMOTE the importance of social unity and personal responsibility. Together we can work through our differences and learn to challenge the epidemic of popular blame and divisive rhetoric.


This carnival of mortals is a bewildering place at the best of times. Add to that a whole bunch of collective coping strategies and old habits of thinking and it's no wonder so many of us are feeling paralysed and fearful. 

Want to save the world but don't know how?

Time to change the thinking channel:  BEING YOU. 

about thinking 


People like us to stay the same, it's way easier to predict what we'll do next.

This process of change is tough, not only on us but on the people around us. There will be times when you meet resistance. There will be times when the people around you will say that you're getting it wrong. There will be times when you will want to give up. 

And there will be times when you really need to hear that 





is the hardest thing we ever do 


Our BLOG is a forum for ideas and experiences, but also a dastardly useful toolkit for a personal change in direction. 

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something to blog about? 


UNI-TEE and the HOOD

Want to show the world you're done with division?

Want to know you're not alone? 

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