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To all the people who have given their time. money and services in order to get this off the ground: THANK YOU Humanity owes you a beer. 

We are one. 


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Life comes all exits and no way out

of the doubt we’ve become

You are 1 in a species of 7.7 billion. How can your actions, your wishes or even your fears have any impact on world events? Environmental self-destruction seems unstoppable. Economic inequality is so endemic it goes unchallenged. The fury and grief of division is everywhere.

The challenges are so vast, it's impossible to know where to start. But that's the magic key to all of this:  TO START. 

Unity is a single act of kindness. 

Thinking is a habit like any other habit. By changing our way of thinking we change our world. By changing our world we change the world around us. Once we start to change the world around us, well just about anything is possible.




Draw a line.

Take a deep breath. 


Change is the hardest thing you will ever do. 

Step one. Congratulate yourself on being SO DAMN AWESOME! 

Step two. Start from where you are. We been doing this human thing for a loooooog time, division is a habit that thinks it's a person. Good news is that everything before this point has been a practice run for where you are now.

  • Been spending a lot of time on the blame train? Great! You know better than anyone how messy it gets.

  • Been accidentally spreading that divisive rhetoric on Twitter? Great! You know how harmfully addictive it is.

  • Been #Angry-from-Chichester lately? Great You know how easy anger is to pick up and how hard it is to put down.

Use all that crap from the past to build a better future, because then there was a point to it. Otherwise it was all just crap.  

Step three. Wearing the UNI-TEE is easy, living up to it, well that's a whole different story. UNITY is a change in direction not a meander down the same old behaviour track. Our blog is a great place to start. The articles come with a whole load of wisdom and a Homework section that offers a practical approach to personal change. 

NOTE: Don't believe a word of it. Try it out for yourself. Take it for a test drive round the office. Find what works for you. 

Step four. What happens if it all goes wrong? Great. Getting it wrong is a really important part of the learning process. If we're not getting it wrong we're playing it a little too safe. This is new ground. Expect to stumble. And the bonus is that it gets way easier to be cool with other people's mistakes if we're cool with our own mistakes. Intention is everything. 

Step five. Congratulate yourself on getting all the way down here to step five! 


Hungry for more tips and advice? Check out our regular blog updates, and give yourself a well deserved handshake of virtue.