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To all the people who have given their time. money and services in order to get this off the ground: THANK YOU Humanity owes you a beer. 

We are one. 


We'll keep you posted on any events, features or articles of interest.

Please keep us posted on what you're doing out there in the real world.

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There are four and twenty ways to sleep. I know them like I know my own skin. Still, this thinking, it scratches me awake...



UNITY was founded just a couple of months ago. What we need more than anything is content. Can you pull an article out of your insights? Can you talk about your experiences and share things that fellow UNITEERS might find useful? We have an open submissions policy, just click on the tab below.

We're not gonna treat you like kids; if it gets personal, if it gets divisive, guess what....


  • Keep it under 500 words. The best blogs are succinct.

  • Give it a great title. Half a second is pretty much all we get to grab someone's attention. Use it wisely. 

  • Keep on topic. Pick your point and stick to it. If you end up wandering off in an interesting direction, write it into another article.  

  • Keep it light. Accessibility is key. 

  • Keep it relevant. UNITY is a practical campaign for social change through personal change.

  • Keep it referenced. Any issues with copyright and plagiarism will be your responsibility as author. 

  • It's all about the bass. Yep, sorry. Submissions must be pasted into an email. No fancy graphics, attached files or images. 



  • Ain't no glory. By sending us your submission you give permission for your article to appear on the UNITY blog. While the article remains the intellectual property of the author, for the purposes of the blog it will only carry a UNITEER attribution. All for one; one for all. 

  • Ain't no guarantee. UNITY was formed by a bunch of writers, we know rejection better than anyone. But while we love to read your articles, there is absolutely no guarantee they will appear on the blog. If you're not featured, PLEASE don't stop sending, the act of writing down your thoughts is change in itself. 

  • Ain't no hurry. And just because your post hasn't been immediately selected doesn't mean it won't be.